When I saw my wedding dress at first sight, I began to love it very much. I believed that most girls had the same feelings just like mine.

First of all, I tried my first dress on. I felt it was so special for  formal dresses  me. The dress was just a style with some lace and capped sleeves. But it was too large for me. So, this one didn’t fit for evening dresses me. When I found my wedding dress, I wanted to try it on without hesitation. I felt that it was a different world and I was the only king. And I couldn’t believe how confident and beautiful I felt. I was the first feeling that I worn something that showed off the art. I would always remember the feeling of wearing it. Until my big day coming, I couldn’t wait to wedding dresses  wear this wedding dress.

This is what I feel when I try a dress on. I hope this can help someone who wants to phrase of a dress.