?? We are the best channel of distribution of the total 310 million users of mobile games Devilian, ?? Yang said. ?? Games Devilian China a competitive mobile market. ?? Carriers together a plan to set up a panel of judges who will decide whether to accept or not to accept the developers who are interested in a new initiative to post. This includes the promotion and marketing select scape games and give developers ways to analyze player Devilian data and charging players SCiB game Devilian program, which is China's mobile market value, where piracy is common in the private, and there are many different bills channels, SMS carrier often Airlines The most popular .The plan to publish game Devilian that everyone will receive not less than 1000000 yuan, or a little more than $ 160,000 in sales revenues, which indicates that the transaction is at least partly motivated by China's mobile gaming market is booming little. It did not happen the lion's share of growth in the domestic markets of mobile applications, including mobile messaging platform as popular as WeChat combination. Analyzes the company's mobile app 'Annie today two new products to its popular analyzes, and provides a good free ad tracking statistics developers.Discovery it is a big problem in development projects, play telephones, because it is very easy to get lost in the mobile game raging sea that is shop. Annie application says that in his new program to optimize the store, you can now monitor the development projects of the keywords that takes better ranking in the App Store using top diagrams and words above App.Using this tool, you can potentially find words that are best suited for top developers, and experience them for yourself to follow what your game.On In addition,  Cheap Devilian Online Gold the new program is an advertising company analyzes the income data user in your collection platforms ads and buy a single dashbaord.From This makes it possible to obtain a complete picture of all revenue generating directly from within the game store purchases, as well as advertising monetization. More than 20 ad platforms can be found on the blog supported.More Information Annie application. A recent study 'Microsoft Research' in conjunction with the University of North Carolina says that the modern computer science programs may be ineffective to prepare students for game development, where creativity and the ability to cooperate with non-engineers are more valuable than it might be in the survey research software development realities .The 364 traditional Microsoft developers, including a 145-foot game Devilian 0.100 worked in 'Office', and 119 working in various other 'Microsoft's software projects. ?? We wanted to assess the skills that are important for game developers in exchange for other areas of software development and ?? Said NC State Computer Science Dr. Emerson Murphy, associate professor of the University of the mountain in a press release issued permit. ?? These findings may have implications for how we teach who seek to game developers. ?? Player share Assassin 'Creed and the change retrospectively look back as liquefaction system Ubisoft has gradually introduced a franchise without prejudiceiant's landscape.