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The 35-year-old admitted the prospect of facing Barcelona in Yokohama served as a great source of extra motivation for him and his teammates when the odds are against him in the quarterfinals on Sunday.

Ten minutes from time against Club America, which lost 1-0 and it seemed that the party's position for fifth place, but have become dramatically to win 2-1 in the last minute of injury time manner.

"We have so strongly against the United States because we win so badly and won the chance to play against Barcelona wanted," he smiled.

"That was our goal before coming to Japan. We wanted to put the best team in the world. So we are now, and we must seize the opportunity and enjoy the game. Now we have to win the trust of our game and openness that is expected to us give a platform to build for the next game. As a team, we will give everything and expect to meet our expectations. "

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