in the occupation, said that as a player of the King of Delano hit / precise Remove to remove the front parry punish them closer to the remote? Designer's reply is that we are significantly reducing them, but did not completely removed (except tank). We still hope that melee DPS boss standing behind him. Also PVP, there are players in the designer a question you think immediately after clearance with accessories complement this control should be completely or by decreasing? Get back is that they should be subject to diminishing. Increase battlefield honor before someone asked me first say, honor the changes have no clear answer questions, did not say Shashi Hou is expected to come into effect? Darkscape Gold Please do not say 'soon' Thank you. The fastest next week. DPS gap Q: Even if you do not care about the hero of this also, unless you are under 25 people in your own time with 17 dark, animal husbandry. These days on the 'worst' and 'best' DPS comparative discussion, in fact, the difference between the best and the worst is not, perhaps the smallest gap ever. Like others in the post to say, good or bad depends on the performance of different occupations battle itself. In addition, some professional, if not a very good single output capability can also contribute to other aspects of the team. For example, how dark, animal husbandry output capacity of the line, and can provide some therapeutic amount. Casual gamers (Note: This refers to not participate in the raid leisure) I do not think we are doing to the casual game / non-casual gamers. Raids everyone full level after a large part of the content, not specifically to those who have unions and wasteland wasteland of time to prepare. You can quickly enter the raid, and can be completed in a very short period of time a zone.