Very simple stakes BOSS, no need of special attention. 4 kings Soul battle four BOSS, BOSS each as a stage, each kill a BOSS enters the next stage, is to kill the BOSS will retain a skill. First occurrence of war is certainly the king, followed by three random. This war Wang BOSS has three kinds of skills. 1. flank instruction. Summon the edge of space a row of soldier, came from the opposite side of the field, was knocked down in the path of would be 50W hurt. 2. group attack. BOSS 15 yards runescape 3 gold of the front is the scope of damage caused, needs assessments and tanks. 3. annihilation. Zug is similar to the destruction of blood lords, on the ground there will be smoke, can escape through the BOSS. The BOSS death flanking directives will be retained. In the middle of the open BOSS, first put away the energy runes in place and slightly in front of the location, shortly after opening blame BOSS will release annihilation, BOSS go through to the second Rune energy to continue output. Note that, BOSS not cast before the first annihilation Never use control time in front of BOSS, BOSS or else time to read out the skills that spike. Along with the rest of the tank with a large group to go on the trip focus. Mad mad king on behalf of the king's anger energy bars, up two per second, the attack strength will be improved with anger, when anger reaches 100 will enter cowardice stage. Each stage of the energy provided by two points cowardice 1% reflecting damage. So when anger over 50 would appropriate to stop, and so anger rose will return to normal after the stage 100. This skill is crazy mind reading skills, each will increase the anger 10:00, can be used as tactical skills in cowardice stage because of anger over 50 need to stop, and therefore does not interrupt anger in the 50 after that skill can quickly return to normal stage. All players will roar into the madness of madness, 4W hurt by other people will be lifted, DK arrangements were Gorefiend grip and lifted by AOE.