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Wood floors reasonable shrink okay
Date:Thursday, January 07, 2016
Last Activity:Jan 7th 2016


Because natural wood floor while both properties and regulation of the indoor temperature and humidity, has won many consumers. With winter temperatures decline declining, the moisture content of the air, the water contained in the wood floor will be its release into the air, while a certain slot, which is a normal phenomenon, not specifically to deal with. Under normal circumstances, if the pavement area of ​​more than 8 square meters, it is necessary to add gutter, to leave enough wood floor space shrink. And some consumers to excessive pursuit of beauty, require workers do not leave the pavement contraction gap approach is not desirable because it tends floor occurs due to expansion muster.Eco Friendly Floor for walkway

Su Quan said, after winter contraction joints generally can restore itself in the spring, while consumers in the winter of slits for processing, spring from the dark phenomenon of incidence will increase. If the humidity in the home is small, you can raise some goldfish at home, plant or at home put some exposure vases filled with water, are very effective ways to increase humidity.best fence for outdoor play area

Widely used to make heat radiation to heat the floor quickly spread, but the problem also will appear. Miss Zhao new pavement this summer, the geothermal floor, with lower winter temperatures, the room temperature is constantly improving, the recent discovery of a gap at the floor color gradually becomes deeper. This is due to high temperature cement originally belonged to evaporate the water out, floor and impede the normal evaporation of water, so there will be a lot of water is absorbed by the floor, the moisture content is too high at the floor cracks caused. If a long time in this state, it will bring certain harm to the floor.

Therefore, the use of ground heat radiation heating consumers must take gradual warming of the way, while the temperature should be controlled at about 20 degrees is appropriate. When no one at home should not be heated completely closed, but rather the temperature to about 10 degrees, to prevent temperature changes caused by damage to the floor.composite decking projects

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